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I created this site to help me who are going through the process of growing their hair out to deal with the pains that come along with that.

When I started to grow my hair out I thought this will be easy, all I have to do is not get it cut and that will be it.

Well to my surprise there was much more pains that came along during the process that I would have no way of knowing about when I started.

I found myself constantly trying out different techniques to help get through certain stages.

Every once in awhile I would find some great advice on things to do but I had to do a lot of searching to find this information.

This is where I decided to make this site so I could have all that information readily available for anyone out there who is currently growing out their hair.

On this site you can expect to see me talk about the struggles I went through along with tools and tips that helped me get through some of the aggravating part.

I will also help share some success stories of some of the guys I followed as they grew their hair out, this is something that can definitely help with staying motivated.

Other than that thanks for checking out the site!

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This site was created to help those who are going through the process of growing out their hair. You can find articles on what to expect when growing your hair as well as tips to help you through the more difficult stages.

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