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7 Hair Care Rules for Your Natural Curls

In the past, a head full of curls once conjured up images of cursed, untameable locks of hair. Think Screech of Saved by the Bell fame or Weird Al Yankovic. But nowadays, leading men like Kit Harrington and Henry Cavill are showcasing natural curls with a more sophisticated style, despite their unruly and wildly messy…

6 Best DIY Hair Masks for Men 2018

If you’re struggling with balding, you’re certainly not alone. Hair loss is a common problem among men, although women do experience it as well, albeit for different reasons. If your problem stems from a genetic inheritance, there isn’t much you can do to regrow the hair without medication or a hair transplant, according to Healthline.…

Best Beard Trimmer Under $100 2017

In this article I’ll be reviewing the best professional beard trimmers for men under $100 dollars that are not only rechargeable but cordless as well. Before we dive into the meat of the article, I wanted to make sure those who are working on keeping their beards looking nice and neat that there are more…


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