Where To Buy The Best Biotin Supplements For Faster Hair Growth

This article will be covering which biotin supplements are the best for helping your hair grow quicker and also where to buy them.

If you’re reading this article then you are most likely trying to speed up the rate in which your hair is growing or possibly your nails (biotin affects nails & hair growth rate).

However for this article we will be focusing on the its effects in hair and which is the best biotin supplement to help get your hair growing faster.

Now if you don’t know why/how biotin helps our hair grow faster then you can head over to this article to get a better understanding.

Before we dive into which products are the best I want to start off answering one main question.

How much biotin should I take?

One of the main things in the products we will be looking at will touch a lot on the dosages so this is best explained before we get to them.

You will usually find biotin supplements with three main dosages 1,000mcg, 5,000mcg and 10,000mcg.

To cut to the chase I did not notice any difference when taking 1,000 mcg a day.

After taking the 5,000mcg for a few months I jumped to 10,000mcg to see if more would = faster growth but unfortunately that was not the case the results did not increase however the side effects did.

By side effects I mean I was having very weird dreams which were related to taking the biotin.

So the final verdict was 5,000mcg a day was my sweet spot and I needed no more/no less.

Now onto the good stuff.

Which biotin brands are the best?

Note that these are in no particular order.

First on the list is Sports Research Biotin.

Straight forward ingredient profile, easy to swallow pills and not expensive.

Next up is the biotin from morningpep.

Very similar to sports research biotin I had no issues with swallowing these products and the price is very similar.

Last up is the biotin from Just Potent.

Just Potents biotin is insanely cheap and also comes with more in one bottle which should last you 5 months.

Also it doesn’t come with just biotin it also comes with a few extra ingredients to assist with hair growth.

The three supplements I listed above come in a 10,000 version as well if that’s an avenue you want to look into but like I mentioned in the start of the article I believe 10k is just over doing it and that 5,000 is what works for me.

Even though using biotin by itself is enough to give a boost to hair growth I suggest looking into a product that gives you all of the available ingredients/vitamins that assist our bodies with hair growth.

Here is an article if you want to do a little research on vitamins you can look for to help you out.

Now if you’re wanting a product that does this then this is the product I recommend.

Not only does it already have the 5,000mcg of biotin it but it also comes with tons of extra vitamins to give you a boost with your hair growth journey.

Overall any of the biotin supplements mentioned on this list would be a good choice so just choose which one you think make work best for you.

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