Best Ecofriendly And Energy Efficient Hair Dryer

If you’re trying to find out which hair dryer is the most ecofriendly and energy efficient then this best of article is just for you.

We have put together a list of the top ones in our opinion and we’ll be going into the features of each and why we like them.

1.) Croc DGN Greenion Hair Dryer

Main Features

  • Lightweight Hybrid AC Motor
  • Ceramic Technology
  • Ionizer that you can turn on or off yourself
  • Has 2 speed and 3 heat setting options
  • Reduced static & CO2

This hair dryer has all of the features you could want in terms of a eco-friendly hair dryer.

Being a 1875 Wattage dryer it is no slacker on the drying speed power.

Croc having the ability to turn on or off the ionizer was a great touch where most would have made it automatically built in to run all of the time.

I can’t touch on the reduced static and CO2 part but seeing them at least add that claims makes me feel better to know that it at least crossed their minds.

2.) Parlux 385 Power Light Ceramic and Ionic Eco-friendly Professional Hair Dryer

Main Features

  • Ionic & Ceramic Technology
  • Cold Air Shot Button
  • 2 speed & 4 temperature settings
  • Strong 2150 Wattage power

Parlux did a great job with this hair dryer by adding in pretty much most features that you will find in a top of the line blow dryer.

The main thing I like about this dryer is its size.

Despite it being only right under a lb it still has all of these features and its strong power.

This dryer comes with 2 different size concentrator nozzles for more targeted drying ability.

Something I found out when I was writing this review was that this hair dryer is made with recyclable materials. Nice little touch Parlux.

3.) Remington D5000 Compact Travel Dryer

Main Features

  • 1876 watt power
  • Ionic conditioning
  • 3 heat 2 speed settings with cool shot
  • Great size for traveling
  • Energy saving eco option

I’ve actually done a full review on this hair dryer so if you want to see a full list of info then head over here to check it out.

Final Thoughts

As of right now these are my top 3 for eco friendly and energy efficient blow dryers.

If you have been having a hard time finding ones to choose from then don’t feel down because there aren’t very many hair dryers focused towards these areas currently.

However one of these 3 should hopefully be a winner for you.

Thanks for reading.

Image Credits: Big Stock Photo Author epic44

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