The Best Hair Dryer For Men Under $50 Dollars

I want to talk about the best hair for men to use under $50 dollars.

Before we begin I have to say yes, men actually do use hair dryers, especially if it is a man with longer hair.

Since most men in this day in age have short hair, simply towel drying the hair is suitable to acquire dryness for the hair in a quick time frame.

The need for a good hair dryer comes into play if you have longer/thicker hair when towel drying doesn’t get it dry enough or if you are doing a certain hairstyle where you need to blow your hair in a certain direction.

Either way in this article I’m going to reveal what I see is the perfect hair dryer for us men for what ever the case maybe that you need it.

The factors that go into my decision are: reliability, price & overall hair drying speed.

Without further ado my decision for the best hair dryer is the Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer.

The Pros

  • The most reliable hair dryer I’ve ever had. (3 years & going strong)
  • Very fast drying motor.
  • Filter in the back is very simple to use for cleaning out stray hairs.
  • Premium quality feel to it with its weight & no slip grip.
  • The price is pretty cheap considering the high quality.
  • Less frizz compared to other hair dryers I’ve used.

To touch on the points above this hair dryer has given me zero problems on the reliability side which is not a huge deal considering how cheap it is but a major thumbs up.

Not only does it dry considerably fast but its not a frizzled dry that you get from some hair dryers. I assume this is credited to their “tourmaline ceramic technology” not exactly sure of all the details of that but I just know something in this helps with frizz.

Something a lot of us males don’t really pay attention to is the loose hairs getting into the hairdryer which clogs it up and can either A) burn the motor up or B) cause it to run at less than 100% potential. Women notice this more because of their longer hair usually gets into the hair dryer clogging it up quicker than mens short hair.

With that said the back has a simple pop off feature which lets you just scoop out the loose hair that has gotten in their or any other miscellaneous items.

I really like the way this hair dryer feels. The weight is perfect considering I have longer hair so it takes me more time to dry my hair. I would probably have to swap hands if I had anything heavier. Also it has a awesome no slip grip to it which is perfect considering you are just getting out of the shower and most likely will have some wetness on your hands.

The best part about this hair dryer is the price. Most hair dryers cost between $15-$75 dollars, so the Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer being at its price range is simply amazing considering the features and reliability of it.

The Cons

  • May be hard to find in stores
  • The name is to similar to other Conair hair dryers.

Depends on where you live of course certain stores will only carry a handful of hair dryers and with their being so many this one may not make the shelf despite it being one of the best ones out there.

The name thing is kind of a pet peeve of mine. If you look at hair dryers they all have similar type names and its usually just the brand name with the voltage. I wish they had awesome stuff like AquaBlast or Tornado Blower (random ideas I just thought of, don’t judge me!)

The only issue with the name is sometimes people will take a quick glance at the name and grab it thinking its the one they are looking for so just take a few extra seconds to make sure it has the tourmaine ceramic part to it.

To wrap this up I know most of us guys could care less what type of hair dryer we use as long as it just does the trick and we usually end up just using whatever type of hair dryer our wives/girlfriends have in the bathroom. But if you’re are one that prefers quality then this is the hair dryer that  recommend.

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