Best Headbands For Men With Long Hair To Use

This article will be covering my picks for some of the best headband options for men with long hair to use.

After you hit a certain stage when growing your hair out you’re going to start searching for things to help hold your hair in place until it gets long enough to weigh itself down.

There are a few option for this and that would be using hair products which we will get more into in another article, hats and headbands.

For the sake of this article we’re going to mainly discuss…you guessed it, the best headbands for men.

I’m going to be covering three different types of headbands and my opinion on each one.

Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover

I really like the halo headband because it’s fits great on the head, has a sweatband seal inside which helps prevent the headband sliding around and has a pretty cool look to it.

Noe that they do have a bigger one if you think that one is to small.

Now the best part of the halo bands is the sweatband seal inside.

Now I don’t really care for it keeping away the sweat because I don’t sweat that much to begin with but the sweat band actually helps keep a grip to help prevent from sliding.

I’m not sure if they intended it to help with grip but either way it’s something I give a thumbs up on.

In terms of looks it has a basic yet professional type look so if you needed to wear it at work during the awkward hair stages it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

So the halo sweatband is definitely one you should check out if you’re in the market for something to help hold your hair.

Nike Swoosh Sport Headbands 2.0

These headbands are very flexible and have the typical nike type look to them which is always a great look.

These are very thin if you can’t tell by the amazon image so they are perfect for wearing at work (depending on the job of course) to help hold your hair down.

One thing I really like about these is they come in like a pack of 6 so you can have extras in the car or wherever in case you lose them.

So you definitely can’t go wrong with these.

The hold may depend on the head shape size though because a buddy of mine prefers the nike ones for that exact reason though so it definitely could vary.

Nike Solid Fury Headband

The fury headband is much different from the one mentioned before it not only by the looks.

The first one works more as a keep your hair controlled type of headband while the fury headband does a really good job of not only controlling hair but keeping sweat away.

Overall all of these are solid headbands though.

If you’re more interested in finding out which one helps keeps sweat out of your eyes more then the halo one is definitely better.

However these are three different styles of sweatbands, the first Nike one is more focused on keeping your hair out of your face while the fury headband is focused on keeping sweat away as well.

I tried to choose the three I liked the best and that are able to be worn without sticking out so you could possibly wear them at work like I did when growing my hair out since most jobs won’t let you wear a hat.

If I had to pick between these three then I would have to give the edge to the Nike fury headband because it tends to hold better, feels more comfortable and I like the way it looks.

However I swap between these 3 often just to not get bored with any 1 type.

Anyways time to wrap this article up if you have any comments just leave them below.

Image Credits: Big Stock Photo Author lenm

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