Blind Barber 60 & 90 Proof Hair Pomade & Wax Review

In this post we’ll be covering my review on the 90 proof hair pomade as well as the 60 proof hair wax from Blind Barber.

This will be my first product that I’ve tried from this company since that are somewhat new in the hair product world.

After hearing about them and reading the reviews left on their pomade I had to pull the trigger and give this stuff a try which led me to buying the hair wax as well.

Since there isn’t a lot of difference between the two I’ll be basically doing a two in one type of review.

Let’s get into some details about these products.


What I like about these products

  • Goes on very easily, spreads through perfectly just running hands through (no clumps)
  • Offering two different versions helps greatly with finding which is best for you hair type
  • Has a very low key but good smell to it
  • Both versions last me pretty much all day
  • Each version works exactly the way you would think

Getting just a dip with two fingers and rubbings my hands together works great for applying this pomade which just glides through without any clumps or issues in that department.

Having the two different versions allows us to have a more targeted product for the type of look we want.

I don’t like hair products that smell but if they do I like them just as this one does which is very low key smell to the point where you don’t even notice it after you first apply it. (My pet peeve)

I apply each just in the morning before work and they last me till around 7ish. It’s hard to gauge this directly because I hit the gym after work in which sweat/liquid will affect any pomades hold.

Reading the info on the product container gives you a solid understanding on how this product will work and it actually holds true unlike some hair products claims that you’ve probably come across.

What is the difference between the blind barber 60 hair wax and 90 pomade?

The 60 has less of a stronger hold to it where it’s somewhat like just giving your hair a little nudge in that direction. The look it gives your hair is also a more natural type of look.

The 90 is a stronger hold where it’s basically telling your hair do what I tell you to do, this comes in handy for those strong willed hair types that refuse to be told how you want it to style. This one leaves your hair with a more of a shine type of look to it.

Final Thoughts

Overall both of these are great products and I’m very impressed with the Blind Barber line. I’m looking forward to trying out some of their future products that they might come out with.

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