Where To Buy Mens Hair Products

We have talked a lot about different types of hair products and even did some reviews for specific ones but something I haven’t touched on is where you should look to buy these products.

If you think about it there isn’t many stores that just sell mens grooming products or at least not where I’m from anyways.

Sure you can go into your local shopping center and find a few products that you can use on your hair but it is usually a very small selection which is the same items you have seen at just about every other store you’ve been at.

Well in this article I’m going to cover not only the stores you can find around you but I’ll also cover the e-commerce (internet stores) that you should look into as well.

To start these stores are in no particular order.

NordStrom – [Internet & Stores]

One of the biggest places in terms of variety I have found to be is NordStrom. Usually has a store around each major city but of course they sell products right off of their site if you prefer. To find if they have a store around you head over to here to find out.

Sephora – [Internet & Stores]

Very similar to NordStrom you will find Sephora stores around major cities along with the option to buy the products off of their website. Some similar products to Nordstrom but also a little bit different variety. You can see if there is a store near you from this link.

Ulta Beauty – [Internet & Stores]

Something that may throw a lot of guys off is yes they do sale mens products. Most people see this store as a female only store (I thought so as well) but they carry a wide variety of stuff for us guys as well. Head here to find any stores near you.

Walgreens – [Internet & Stores]

Yes, the Walgreens does more than just fill your prescriptions. Most Walgreens I’ve been in usually have an above average selection of grooming products in which you might just find a winner. Best thing about them is there is usually one not to far away.

Amazon – [Internet]

The biggest retailer in the world doesn’t really need much explaining. If you prefer online shopping then look at Amazon.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the above list then you are looking for a hair product that is very rare or well is non existent.

Also you can always go straight to the manufacturer of the product you’re looking for but usually if you do this you will see product is priced higher than you would normally find at a retailer, so I suggest doing a little hunting.


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