What Co Washing Your Hair Means

Co Wash is a phrase that is short for conditioner only washing which is self explanatory there.

What I will explain is why co washing has become a thing and which conditioners are the best for co washing your hair.

Why Should I Co Wash My Hair?

A lot of people have taken to the no poo method which is basically quitting using shampoo. This is done for a few different reasons but mainly because shampoos contain tons of chemicals that just bombard your hair and gets rid of all of the oil in your hair.

Well even though oil seems like the enemy for hair it actually serves a purpose of helping us maintain a certain hold for our hair.

Without something to hold it in place like some hair product or some natural hair oil then our hair as humans becomes difficult to control the way we want it to. This becomes especially true the longer your hair is.

If you’ve read one of my previous articles you would see where I talked about how just stopping shampoo and just using water to clean your hair isn’t enough to help keep hair clean. This is where co wash comes into play.

What Does Co Wash Conditioner Do?

A Co wash conditioner helps keep your hair clean without destroying all of the oil in your hair.

Co Wash Conditioners help fill a gap between the water only hair washing which doesn’t do enough by itself and the nuking your hair with shampoo, that’s right I said nuke.

There needed to be a middle ground product between those two and co washing conditioners was born.

Are some conditioners better for co washing than others?

Yes, some are specifically made for co washing.

I have tried two and have really liked both.

This is the one I currently use.

Here is the other one. This was the first one I tried when starting out with co-washing and it works well. Takes a little bit to much oil off sometimes but still no where near as much as shampoo does.

One of the perks of the Pantene brand is that it’s very cheap.

You truly can’t go wrong with either one here.

How Do You Co-Wash Your Hair?

You co wash your hair by simply washing your hair like you normally would except in place of shampoo/conditioner you just use the co wash that you have chosen when in the shower and rinse it out just like you normally do.

So there isn’t a crazy technique here it’s simply the process of replacing one washing product with another.

Something to end the article with is that you might see the term cleansing conditioner as well. This is the same thing as co wash just some people use a different name for it.

I just wanted to throw this out there in case some of your were trying to decide between the two or something of that nature.

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