Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair?

Something that I’ve realized about most women is that they change their mind a lot! Be it about what color their hair should be, what clothes to wear or just about miscellaneous stuff.

Now before I go into this realize I’m not throwing all women into one category here and I know women differentiate in their opinions.

One thing that I have noticed among-st a lot of women is that they love guys with confidence and have a who gives a crap attitude.

So what does this have to do with long hair? Well the confidence part, nothing. The who gives a crap attitude is something that comes along with having long hair.

Since long hair is out of the social norm it comes with this rebel/you don’t care what society thinks type of personality, whether you actually have this type of attitude is irrelevant. At least irrelevant as far as the looks department is concerned.

With that being said long hair can not be put into one category either. Long hair plays off of your current looks and either works with or against it.

What does that even mean?

Here is an analogy for you. If you take one guy who is very shy, socially awkward and give him long hair. That just makes him even more different and plays off the already negative looks he has.

Now lets take his identical twin brother who also is very shy, socially awkward but he is big into fitness and is jacked.

As far as looks go the first brother would come off as just an awkward kid with long hair. The second brother would still be just as awkward but would be mysterious and would somehow have that I don’t give a crap attitude.

Basically what I’m trying to get at is long hair is just a small piece of the puzzle but can make a big difference in that same puzzle. That may have just confused you even more.

The main takeaway out of this entire article if you take anything out of it at all is get in shape.

If you are overweight then long hair is just going to be a negative for you.

On the flip side being in shape/jacked isn’t going to make long hair automatically look good on you, your face shape will determine this to a large degree but being in shape gives you a much and I mean much higher chance of allowing long hair to work for you.

To wrap things up just rethink of all the guys with long hair that the long hairstyles seem to work for them and realize an over whelming majority of them are in somewhat good shape.

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