Should You Dry Your Hair With A Towel

Something that I got to putting much more thought into after I grew my hair out was is there any pros or cons to using a towel as the main way to dry my hair.

This led me to doing some more research on this topic.

Which led me to reaching out to one of my sisters who is big into hair even more than your typical girl, which already know more than I did at this point in my life.

From talking with her and reading I found a lot of interesting things like:

The main thing that stuck out to me was realizing that how towels can damage your hair when you towel dry it when your hair is still damp.

This is caused by how you rub the towel fast back and forth on wet hair along with the fibers that the towel is made out of.

Not only can that cause hair breakage but also can lead to frizzy hair.

What can you use instead of a towel to dry your hair?

I remember growing up I would see my sister having a t-shirt wrapped around her head after she got out of the shower.

I always thought that this was because we just ran out of clean towels, but to find out using t-shirts can help dry the hair without damaging it because of the different materials and the way they’re made.

This lead me to finding an awesome product.

It’s a towel made just for this reason with fabric like you would find on a t-shirt. This would be much better for any of y’all who are currently using t-shirts already for this reason and going through clean-shirts constantly just for your hair.

I did a review of the product mentioned above if you want to see more about it just head to this article.

Look into using a microfiber towel as well.

But I like using my towel..other options?

If you’re against doing the stuff mentioned above you could always look into trying a different way of drying your hair with the current towels you already use.

You can do this by blotting your hair with he towel rather than rubbing it fast up and down like most of us guys have done all our life.

For us long hair guys though we got to take care of that hair we waiting so patiently to grow, we don’t want nothing bad to happen to it!

If your not sure what I mean when I say blotting it, I mean just pressing on your hair with the towel not rubbing it.

Think of it like you just spilled a drink on the carpet and you’re trying to use a towel to clean it up.

That’s the best analogy I can really think of right at this moment.

Overall if you’re having issues with frizz, hair breakage it could be the culprit of how you dry it so hopefully this helped some of you.


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