How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster For Men

To start off know that there is no difference in how to make your hair grow faster for men as it is for women. Hair doesn’t discriminate between the sexes.

Now one thing that you will run across when growing your hair is hearing that getting a hair cut can help stimulate faster hair growth so that is something we are going to dive into in this article.

To start there isn’t a yes or no answer here on whether hair cuts stimulate hair growth.

The most direct answer I can give is that if you have split ends then yes it will probably help you out to get a enough trimmed to get rid of the split ends.

If you’re mostly split end free then I just would get your hair thinned out if it needs it.

Now for a more in depth answer I’ll dive into it more below.

Why you should get your hair thinned out.

Well my hair not only grows in length but it does in thickness as well, like most people but some folks hair does it more than others.

The main reason to get it thinned out is because it starts getting really poofy and doesn’t lay down as well. This makes it look pretty bad, especially if you’re already in the awkward stage.

Some other side benefits are that a hat fits much better (well duh) but a benefit I didn’t expect was that I wasn’t getting as many headaches.

I have no idea if the headache relief is a direct correlation of getting the hair thinned out but it sure as heck started around the same time. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else noticed something like this.

When should you get your hair thinned out

I didn’t get my hair thinned out for the first time until I was around the 7-8 month mark but my hair gets thicker much quicker than most other people (or so the chick who cuts my hair tells me).

So you may be able to hold off longer but there is really no downside to getting it done, so if you think it’s starting to feel a little thick then I would say go for it.

Just make sure that you’re very clear with whomever cuts your hair that you’re growing your hair out and just want it thinned out, nothing taken off the actual length or he/she might get to chopping away.

Are there any products to help your hair grow quicker

There are a couple I recommend, those being this shampoo and hair envy.

Does cutting your hair help speed anything up?

(More in depth)

hair grow faster for menI’ve been told/read so many back and forth with this that it has become to the point where it I wasn’t sure what to believe.

The girl that cuts my hair has been in the field for awhile and seems very knowledgeable about hair products/hair in general so I decided to ask her.

She explained it more on the lines of getting it cut won’t speed it up more than its normal process, however it can keep it from dropping slower than it’s normal speed rate. (Wait what???)

In English please?

Sure! your hair grows at a certain rate of speed (genetics decide this).

Well when your hair starts to get split ends (where it splits in half at the end) then this can make it where your hair isn’t growing as fast at the specific area and if you have a lot of these then you have areas that are slowed down (not by a whole lot but lesser than normal).

So by getting those tips cut where the split ends start then it can help it continue its growth at its regular pace.

Hope this helps it to make more sense.

Now this is the way she looks at it and many other people that work in the cosmetology field so it was definitely a more educated guess if you want to call it that than just asking random people on the internet.

I realize the irony with that statement and you reading this on the internet but I’m the 3rd party here sort of, I’m just telling her thoughts on it!

Either way split ends usually look pretty crappy so might as well get em trimmed up.

I wouldn’t overthink this by any means because any bonus you’re going to get here is going to be very minimal!

The more I type about split ends the more testosterone I can feel just disappearing out of me.

So I’m gonna leave you with that and go take my pre workout and head to the gym.

Thanks for reading!

Image Credits: Big Stock Photo Author Rido81

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