How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

To start if you don’t already know we as humans have naturally oily hair so don’t think this is something that is uncommon, like you’re the only person to have oily hair.

Getting rid of that oil is simple, just use shampoo and wash your hair. Yes it’s that simple.

Now where it gets complicated is trying to maintain enough oil in your hair to where it keeps your hair weighed down but not to much to where it looks really oily to the point where it looks unkempt.

Why would you want oil in your hair you ask?

Well when you strip all the oil out of your hair you have nothing holding it down so it makes it really hard to control your hair.

Yes you could use some products to help keep it styled the way you want but this could be a huge hassle and more money than you want to spend.

So yeah you want to have some oil in your hair to help keep your hair controlled but if you have short hair then you probably won’t have this issue but for the sake of this article we are talking about long hair.

So if you were just looking for the answer to how to get rid of oily hair for any type of hair then the answer is simple just wash it with shampoo or even baking soda to strip out the oil from your hair.

Now once you start getting longer hair and you have a harder time controlling it then you are going to understand the whole need for some oil in your hair.

Because if you go into the longer hair stages with the mindset of washing it everyday with shampoo then you’re going to see how poofy it is going to be and will drive you crazy.

How to keep a good balance of oil in your hair

I’ve tried many different strategies here so I will tell you what has worked for me.

First off if you just stop washing your hair with any kind of cleaner then eventually your hair is going to look very oily.

What you can do is wash your hair with shampoo once or twice a week.

The only problem with this is your hair looks wack like 2 days out of the week so you will have this crap where it’s Tuesday, time to have dumb looking hair type of situation going on.

What you can do is wash your hair at nighttime before bed on the days that you do wash it and when you wake up just do a typical wash of just water, that way it has some time to get at least some oil on it.

Once you do manage to get your hair long enough the weight of the hair starts to help out with keeping it weighed down.

However if you’re in the awkward stage then this is where the oil hair balance will really drive you crazy.

A product that I do recommend is a conditioner called co wash conditioner which helps clean the hair in a way shampoo doesn’t by not stripping as much of the oil away. So I stopped using shampoo and just started using the co wash to clean my hair.

So to summarize the article, to get rid of all the oil just simply use shampoo or baking soda but know oil is not the enemy just to much of it is.

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