Grave Before Shave Beard Oil And Beard Balm Review

I’m very excited to give you my review in this article on the beard balm and beard oil from Grave Before Shave.

If you’ve read any of my previous articles on beard products you’ll see me mention GBS products a good bit. So with this article I’ll be going more in depth on the review of their products.

Right off the bat you can tell that GBS is not like other brands just by looking at their packaging; I’m not sure what the packing actually says to customers that look at it but it made me think, If they put this much effort into the branding look of their products then I’d say they probably put a lot of time and money developing the overall product itself.

I could be wrong but this is what I as a customer got out of it.

Are Grave Before Shave Beards Oils Good For Your Beard?

When I say “good” I’m talking about these key points.

  • Does it make your beard softer?
  • Does it help with beardruff?
  • Does it help with beard itch?

The making the beard softer and beard itch usually go hand in hand with one another so I’ll touch on both of these together. Using this GBS beard oil does wonders for the overall texture of my beard.

It give it a very soft/smooth feeling texture to it to the point where I can’t stop rubbing my hands through my beard and I end up pulling off some of the oil onto my hands to where I end up having to reapply it.

The main culprit of beard itch (for myself anyways) is very dry, brittle hairs. By making your beard softer this lessens the beard itch to a great degree and in most cases completely gets rid of it for a while.

So with that said yes GBS beard oils get a thumbs up by me in the beard itch relief department.

Do Grave Before Shave Beard Oils Smell Good?


For some fellows the smell of the beard oil is all their after, they could care less about the other stuff, which is perfectly normal.

I’ve said many times that GBS beard oils are the overall king when it comes to the smell. I mean not just a one hit wonder type of smell. They have mastered the smell department for beards oils.

My top three smelling ones would have to be:

Overall I gladly recommend Grave Before Shaves beard oils to anyone who asks me about beard product recommendations.

Are Grave Before Shave Beard Balms Any Good?

Well I’m glad you asked because we’re about to cover this right here, right now. GBS’s beard balms are just as good of quality as their oils in my opinion. Their products seem to be very high quality across the board.

The beard balm has a very soothing effect to the point where I catch myself just applying it just to give me a reason to massage my beard with it.

If you don’t know the main reason most guys will use beard balm over beard oil is because the balm is  thicker which allows you to use it to style your beard whereas the oil is just focused on moisturizing your beard.

Most beard balms come up short because they make it to thick or too thin. The texture of the balm plays as huge part in the overall effect of it.

With that being said GBS seems to have taken that into account because it’s flat out nearly perfect as far as thickness texture goes. I never have any clumps or any issues spreading it through my beard.

How Well Does Grave Before Shave Beard Balms Work For Styling Your Beard?

Thickness & texture are great and wonderful but if sucks for styling you have glorified putty in your hands. To start, I get pretty much a full days’ worth of hold from the beard balm on my beard.

I apply it in the mornings before work (7amish) and I usually don’t notice it wearing off until I when I’m leaving the gym (6ish).

It very well may last all day but any kind of wetness, sweat in my case is going to cause the balm to start to lose its overall effect. This is across the board on all balms so not a whole lot you can do there.

For the overall look it is very natural to the point where you really can’t tell I have any product in my beard which is exactly how I want it be.

The balm also gives my edges very smooth while helping keep them in check because their adventures bastards that want to explore.

Where To Buy Grave Before Shave Beard Grooming Products?

I’ve always bought everything of mine straight from their amazon seller page. If for some reason you prefer not to shop on Amazon you could always buy off of their website.

One thing I also wanted to throw out there is if you like how their packing logos look; they have them on t-shirts as well. This is just a heads up for anyone that might like to wear them.

Final Thoughts

Overall I couldn’t be happier with how well their products work for my beard.

From the packaging to the smell and texture of the products I really can’t say I have any worth mentioning complaints here.

If I did have to pick one thing I wish Grave Before Shave would do that they currently don’t (as far as I can tell) is that on the variety pack I wish we could pick which ones come inside the pack instead of preset formulas that we can get.

Other than that though you can see I’m very pleased with this company from a product standpoint; I have no idea how well their customer service/shipping department is because I’ve never had to use them and I buy all of their stuff from Amazon.

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments just let me know below.

Image Credits: Big Stock Photo Author foodbytes, Big Stock Photo Author Peter Hermes Furian, Big Stock Photo Author Zinkevych

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