How Long Does It Take To Grow A Pony Tail

I’m going to help give you an idea of what kind of time frame you will be looking at to be able to put your hair back in a pony tail.

To start the article off know that hair grows at about 1/4 inch – 1/2 inch per month. There are a few things which may help speed it up but know that its not much of a boost, your genetics will mainly decide how quick your hair grows.

Get a product to help you get your hair longer quicker!

Look into grabbing a product like this one to help you get your hair longer quicker to be able to tie up a pony tail. Since waiting is the hardest part for most people try to pull out all tools to give your hair a little kick in the butt.

Now of course I can’t just give you a time frame without knowing where your hair is at to begin with.

So here is a picture of someone with a very short haircut which would take about 14-16 months to be able to to put his hair back in a pony tail when starting from this length.

Now since I mentioned about the 1/4 inch a month growth rate of hair, you can now compare that time frame to whatever length that your hair currently is.

Another great way to to see how long it will take you is see the time frame that it took others to grow their hair.

There are many people who document their hair growth progress from month to month so this can show you pretty much what to expect in terms of hair length time frames.

Here is a video of someone I’ve followed along with since the beginning of his journey and he makes great videos documenting his progress.

As you can see in this video he shows where his hair is at and even shows him able to tie it up into a pony tail (not a full one, just the top half but you can see how its almost there) this video is at the 13th month hair growth stage for him.

[Video Stopped working Had To Remove- Looking for an alternative for you]

Know the difference between a pony tail and a man bun.

Something I’ve seen a lot is someone sees a man bun and assumes that it is just a cool looking pony tail because not a lot of guys outside know the different names of hairstyles which is understandable.

If you are wanting to grow a man bun which is pictured here then you then you are looking at roughly 24-30 months from the starting point of that same haircut pictured above.

I just wanted to help clarify that up if some of you were aiming for a man bun rather than a pony tail.

If you are in the process of growing your hair out which I assume is a yes or soon to be then I would recommend you reading this article about the awkward stage to help you out.

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    I want a man bun I want know how long it well take me to get one


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