Guys With Long Hair The New Trend

If you thought seeing guys with long hair was something buried in the past then I would have to say you’re not alone.

I thought that long hair on guys was something you would hardly ever see anymore except on a random guy here and there.

Guys with long hair was never going to go away but it was really something that I thought would never be main stream like it was back in the day.

Well if you haven’t noticed long hair is coming back, depending on where you live you might notice it more than others or at least quicker.

It isn’t no where near the popularity level like it was back in the 70s or 80s and it probably won’t ever be like that again but long hair on men is definitely on the rise.

Why is long hair coming back?

This is something I’ve really pondered on.

If you think about it long hair has always been in the movies, like brad pitt playing Achilles and plenty of other war type movies.

By that I mean there hasn’t been a huge influx in movies with guys with long hair, it has always been pretty steady.

Now the popularity of certain movies could play a part, mainly Chris Hemsworth in the movie Thor.

But even though he looks really bad ass with that hair I can’t give him all the credit of setting a full on trend or should I call it a retrend since this it has already trended, anyways that’s getting off topic.

Even though movies of course play a solid part in the retrend (Yea I’m going with retrend, don’t judge me!) I think something else has played a role.

I believe more guys are getting to the point where they don’t want to be told how to dress/look to just get that job or fit in with society.

This is something I completely understand and agree with.

I mean everyone having the same style short hair cut looks so boring and as long as you keep your hair clean I see no reason why it should effect you in your job.

However what I’m using is common sense and that is something that lacks in the real world..ok stopping myself before I take this article into an off topic rant.

Why guys with long hair get a bad rep?

The negative view on long hair has had to start somewhere so where did society start this bad view of guys with long hair?

Growing up if I seen a guy with long hair 9 out of 10 times it would have been greasy as heck and the guy looked like he hadn’t bathed in a few weeks.

Seeing long hair like chris hemsworth or brad pitts was literally only in the movies, not talking their facial looks here just hair aesthetics.

This unfortunately is where a lot of people throw long haired guys into this box about being unclean or some other crazy stereotype.

I’m glad to see that many stereotypes like this are slowly going away though as I see more long haired guys are much more concerned with the way their hair looks.

However long hair on guys will always be outside of the norm so there will always be some sort of scrutiny but luckily it’s not as much as it use to be.

I guess if you look like brad pitt or chris hemsworth then you can avoid scrutiny all together but oh well, work with what we got.

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