Hair Accessories For Men

There are some days where you want to just say to hell with using hair products and rather just throw on a ball cap instead. Makes sense we all have those days.

Something that isn’t aware to most men (as much as it is for women anyways) is that we have more options than just a ball cap for those days where you’re just not feeling messing with your hair or if you can’t wear a ball cap because of work.

In this article we’re going to go over some of what I think are the best hair accessories for us men.


To start off with the list we got headbands which are a staple for me, especially in the awkward stage.

The only issue I have with most headbands is that I would usually have a hard time keeping them in place, especially when working out.

Readjusting the headband multiple times a day becomes very annoying so that’s why I like using this one because it has a good grip to it that hardly ever slides around.

Hair Ties

The hair ties come in place when you actually have on the longer side for a pony hairstyle or for use in the man bun style.

A tip for you guys is go for hair ties that do not have metal in them, like metal tip you might see on some of them. The metal is a strong cause of hair damage after repeated use. So go for ones like this.

Alice Bands

One of more unpopular hair accessories, for guys anyways are alice bands. I feel that this is because it’s very difficult to use these in a masculine sense.

One of the best reasons I see for alice bands are for when you’re in a work place that doesn’t allow hats/headbands and are trying to train your hair back or pushing through the awkward stage.

Even though its hard to find ones that look good for guys here are the closest ones in my opinion.

To wrap this article up the ones listed above are more of the common ones you will see most guys wearing. There are some other things not listed like bobby pins and things like that but not enough really worth getting into.

If none of these things really interest you then like I mentioned at the start you can’t go wrong with a good ole hat!

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  1. Sara

    Nowadays men have started wearing hair pins to keep their hair straight and not allow it to fall on the face. It is really becoming a trend.


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