Best Hair Cream for Men

In this article we’re going to touch on hair cream for men and which ones I suggest.

Trying to sift through all of the hair products and find out which ones are best for which hair and for which different hairstyles.

It just becomes more of a research type of work just to style your hair and just tedious type of stuff which I hope to help you with.

I did touch on hair cream in one of my previous articles that focused on hair styling products in general but this article is going to only be out mens hair cream.

Here is a list of the hair creams that I’ve had success with.

To start off the one I mentioned in the previous article.

This one is the one I currently use.

It has a good hold but not an overbearing hold to it.

Don’t use to much or it will become thick, I just get maybe a quarter sizes worth and rub it in my hands then through my hair.

Not having to use as much is a major plus because I can make it last much longer.

If for some reason the one above ever got taken off the market for some reason then I would go with Woodys Hair Cream. Was very hard to decide between the two when choosing my hair cream but this one is definitely next in line.

Only reason I did not put it first is it had a somewhat weird odor to me. Not necessarily a bad odor but just different. As terms of how it styles I love it.

This next one easily makes it in to my top 3 it does a great job of holding without giving a greasy type of look.

I’m very tempted to start using this one again as my main one but it is double the price of the one I usually use and I really don’t see a huge difference in how it looks to justify the doubling of price. This could be more of me being cheap though.

It is a quality product that I believe you will be happy with.

The final hair cream is from krieger + söhne.

I find this very much like Woodys in terms of how it holds and the texture.

The only difference that really stuck out to me was it had a great smell. It’s a citrus type of smell if I had to describe it and I actually got some compliments from some of the ladies on work about how it smelled.

Other than that these are the ones I’ve tried.

If you know of any that you don’t see on this list that you would like for me to try and review then leave me a reply with the name of it so that I can check it out.

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