Best Shampoo For Helping Speed Up Faster Hair Growth

In this article we’ll be looking at some of the best shampoos currently available to possibly help you with growing your hair as quick as possible.

Before I even start diving into this article I want to help distinguish on what I mean by hair growth in this article.

When I say hair growth here I mean growing hair faster than it currently is, not helping grow hair where you’re having issues growing hair like balding situations.

Now that’s out of the way I want you to know that any type of product that is going to help you grow hair faster is going to be very minimal, so don’t expect an extra inch every month or something.

On average hair grows about 1/4 inch every month, just so you have a reference to go by.

So if you’ve read some of my previous articles we covered about how biotin did seem to help with the rate of hair growth, to some degree.

So ya that’s a supplement, but what about shampoos? Is there anything out there that can affect the hair growth rate through shampoos/conditioners?

Well here are my thoughts on that.

For regular type shampoos then no. Most shampoos you find at the store are for doing what shampoos are meant to do which is clean your hair.

Well there are some that are actually made ingredient wise purposely for speeding up hair growth.

One that really stuck out to me was this shampoo.

Before I even touched it I looked at the actual ingredient list of it to see what all it contained.

There are a lot of vitamins/aminos in the shampoo which aren’t going to make your hair grow faster than its normal rate of growth.

However if you’re not getting enough normal vitamins/aminos then this can help with providing them to insure normal hair growth rate.

If you’re eating a normal diet then I would assume you’re are getting enough vitamins from what you eat to not have to worry about that, but I can see why they added them into the shampoo.

The main thing in this product that really stuck out to me was the caffeine.

The caffeine is something new to me in terms of being in a hair product.

Caffeine naturally speeds up things so whats its role in shampoo?

So does it work?

So far I have to say yes it does, I can definitely see a little bit of a boost. (No pun intended)

This is only a 1 month test time frame so I’m going to keep testing and doing some A/B testing on with or without to make sure. So far I just had a slight bit more of a growth from last month when I wasn’t using it.

This is honestly a VERY small difference so I want to keep checking to make sure that I didn’t measure wrong or anything like that so I will be doing a a few more months of different types of testing like measuring different parts of hair and stuff like that.

So like I said  only see just a tad bit over 1/4″ inch mark so like I mentioned it’s not going to be anything major but every little bit helps, especially when patience is not one of your strong traits (like myself).

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