How To Get Hair Like Thor

So you want to get hair like thor, eh?

Can’t blame you that’s some aesthetic looking hair!

Seeing as we are mere mortals and thor is well a “god” there are very few things we can do that he does.

Wielding a mythological hammer? Nope.

Calling Lightning From the sky? I wish.

Flying through the sky? With a passport.

Having bad ass looking hair? Yes!

Even though thor does all these awesome things his hair is something that really makes him standout from other super heroes.

What do you need to do to get hair like thor?

First off we need the length which is going to be the most time consuming part unless you have already been growing it out. But in this case let’s say you are starting out from a shorter haircut.

The time frame can vary from person to person on how fast their hair grows but on average you’re looking at a minimum of 18 months. Yes I know it seems like a long time because it is!

You have to have a lot of patience when doing this but just think about how awesome your hair will look when you finally get it to where you want it.

There are a few things to help speed up the hair growth rate but still not enough to take much off of that time frame.

Now let’s say you have made it to the length that you need it or already have the required length when finding this post.

Now comes the easier part.

How to style your hair like thor.

For this part you will need to grab a holding style hair product like this one or use a leave in conditioner that can use as your hair styling product.

Some leave in conditioners provide enough hold for your hair to style it the way you want but depending on your hair type you may need something a bit stronger like the first product I mentioned.

Now after you have those two you will just need your hands and your good to go in terms of products required.

Now the steps are rather simple.

1.) Wash your hair preferably with a co wash conditioner only.

2.) Towel Dry your hair when out of the shower. (Don’t blow dry it we want it to be still kinda damp)

3.) Run some leave in conditioner through your hair with your hands (make sure to spread it out evenly)

4.) (optional) This step depends on whether or not you need more than the leave in conditioner. If you do decide to go with this step then get a little bit of your chosen styling product (like a two finger tips worth) rub it together on your hands then alternate rubbing both of your hands through your hair pushing your hair going backwards. Do this until you see there is no more hair product on your hands or until you think your hair is looking the way you want.

5.) The last step is just taking a few moments to shape your hair with your hands to get it to look the correct way.

Side notes to the points above.

  • You can use a hair styling product after you’ve put in leave in conditioner in your hair so don’t be afraid to use both.
  • If you don’t feel like your hands are doing enough to style your hair then you can use a comb/brush to help (this is personal preference).
  • After you finish step 5 I prefer to let my hair finish drying on its own not with a hair dryer but this part comes down to personal preference as well.

Overall that’s all it takes to get this hairstyle.

The styling part will come quicker and easier to you after doing it a few times. The real hard part is just having the patience to get through the awkward stage and get your hair to length needed to make this hairstyle work.

Now if you are trying to mimic the hairstyle to the tee then you may need to look into dying your hair if you don’t have his hair color but I know most of you aren’t looking to go that far with it.

Thanks for reading!

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