How To Get Your Hair To Flow Back

One of the most frustrating things to me is trying to get my hair to do what I want and it simply refusing to listen. When I first started to get longer hair managing was well not easy to say the least.

I really didn’t realize how much work it took for what I thought was such simple looking hairstyles.

Just know that most of those hairstyles that you see on TV that look simple but awesome are actually a lot of work.

Take for example the main hairstyle I’m discussing about in this article is simply getting your hair to flow back and stay that way without anything like a headband or a cap on your head. Seems easy enough right? Nope!

Getting your hair to flow back is actually a bit more work then you might think.

So how do you do it?

STEP 1 After getting out of the shower towel dry your hair enough to get at least that heavy wetness feel gone.

STEP 2 After that brush your hair from the front to the back a few times. This just help help give that hair a push in that direction and of course get rid of any tangles or knots you may have.

STEP 3 Now you will take your hair dryer and blow your hair backwards for a few minutes until your hair is dry. Note that when we are blow drying our hair in this phase we are not just focusing on getting the hair dry but mainly getting it forced in the direction we want it to go which is backwards. For this we want to have the blow dryer on the highest setting.

STEP 4 To finish it up we will take just a little bit of matte wax and run it backwards through the roots of the hair for about a inch or two in length NOT all the way through the hair. This helps to give it a little extra hold.

Note that some peoples hair type can do the first 3 steps and have it work fine but for hair like mine, which is thick and stubborn this is where step 4 comes into play.

When you first start doing this time can easily slip away from you but as you do this everyday it becomes much easier and quicker.

A final thing to wrap up this article is if you have been training your hair to grow back then that makes this hairstyle much easier if you already have your hair somewhat trained to grow that way.

If you haven’t then no worries it’s not a make or break type of deal just a little bonus on making it a bit easier to get your hair adjusted.

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  1. Joe

    Exactly what I needed to read. Have the very same problem


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