How To Find A Good Barber Or Hairstylist

Something that I always took for granted was having someone that did a good job of cutting my hair.

Since I was the in my early teen ears I would always go to a friend of mine and she always did an excellent job.

Well it wasn’t until she moved out of state that made me realize how fortunate I was because after she left I had some horrible haircuts, even worse was the bad hair cuts on top of annoying non-stop talking while I was getting that horrible haircut.

After going through multiple bad haircuts I finally texted my buddy to ask her for any recommendations for a good barber or hairstylist near me and she hooked me up with the girl who has been cutting my hair ever since.

That is the brief backstory to why I’m writing this article to help you out with not having to go through bad haircut after haircut and hopefully be able to find someone that works for you without all of the trial and error.

Where To Begin?

To start off think of your friends who always have good looking hair.

Guys you can ask your female friends this as well, don’t fall into gender specific thinking here.

A good hairstylist can cut a males hair just as much as she can females.

With that being said, guys you don’t have to go to a barber. Going to a hair salon isn’t going to deplete your testosterone levels.

So don’t limit your options with this kind of thinking.

If for some reason you can’t get any good recommendations or just to shy to ask then that’s OK.

Next option is…

Check On Facebook

Just to state this, I’m not a fan of social media, I find twitter OK but that’s about it.

However for doing research for something you need locally, there is no better option in my opinion than Facebook.

Not only will you get to read reviews but a majority of the time you will be able to see pictures that the hairstylist posted of haircuts she has done of people.

Not so much with barbers on the pictures but you will still find reviews.

To do this just type in something like “your city + hairstylist”, “your city + haircuts” or “your city + looking for a barber”.

This should bring up some conversations on there and you browse the comments to see if someone has recommended anyone or maybe see if hairstylist/barber themselves has commented.

Use Good Ole Google

Same concept applies here with the way you search but just search in google.

After you find them you can probably find a social media page on them and do as I mentioned above on the Facebook side of things.

Final Thoughts

If these above don’t help you find one then I would say you’re living in the middle of no where or just setting some really high standards on the people who work on your hair, which is fine as long as you have the patience to keep on searching.

Anyways hope this article helped some of you. If you have any ways to find a good barber or hairstylist that I didn’t mention on here just let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Jade Brunet

    I appreciate this information about how to find a good barber or hairstylist. It is good to know that looking online can be a good resource in finding a successful service. It would be wise to note the professional looking websites. Something else to think about would be to find a local barbershop to make hair appointments more convenient.


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