How To Grow A Man Bun With Thick Hair Faster

In this article we’re going to talk about how to grow a man bun as quick as possible for those with all kinds of hair, including thick, curly and wavy hair.

OK before we dive any further I want to make sure that you know what a man bun is so that you don’t get half way through this article and wonder why I keep talking about hairstyles.

So if for some reason you thought this was a article about the buttocks then I’m sorry to disappoint.

Now for the most direct answer to the question of how to grow a man bun is you do absolutely nothing different than what you usually do when growing out your hair.

You just need your hair long enough to be able to style it into a man bun, which is a lengthy journey (more info below).

Tools To Help You!

Here a few things I would recommend you get to help you with your man bun journey.

To start this is a supplement that assists with helping our hair grow as fast as possible in my opinion. If we don’t have the required length of hair we can’t do the man bun hairstyle. This helps us get there as quick as possible.

Second is find something that looks good to wear on your head and make friends with it because you’re going to be using it (or a variety of items) for months when you’re stuck in the awkward stage.

What Is A Man Bun

man bun hairstyleA man bun is the name given to the hairstyle where guys tie up their hair into a ball like shape. If I had to phrase it into my own words then a man bun is a pony tail on steroids.

A man bun looks much more aesthetic than a pony tail in my opinion which is why I believe it has gotten so much more popular in the last few years.

Now if you’re still trying to picture what a man bun is then look at the main image of this article to have a better idea.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Man Bun

Getting your hair long enough to put it up into a good looking man bun is literally one of the last stages in terms of growing your hair out.

A time line will look something like this for someone growing their hair from a buzz cut.

Months 1-6 is the beginner stage (yes a 6 month beginner stage!)

Months 7-14 is usually the awkward stage months (hair doesn’t look good no matter what)

Months 14-18 is where you start to be able to pull your hair back into a pony tail.

Months 24-? Yes around the two year mark is where you will probably be able to tie your hair into a decent man bun.

If you really want to get a better timeline expectations for your hair growth then I suggest you take a look at a youtuber who has documented his hair growth stages and now at the time of posting this is at the 17 month mark!

[Video stopped working – looking for a replacement for you]


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I have been following along with Zach on his videos for awhile now and he has gotten his hair looking really good. He also seems like a very cool guy so I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching his videos.

Of course this isn’t a set in stone timeline guide since genetics and other things play a factor but it gives you something to go off of.

I was able to put my hair into a pony tail at around month 11 however it was forced so it didn’t even really look like a pony tail, so when I say pony tail here I mean something actually hanging out of the back.

The two year mark is usually a good time frame to shoot for when hoping to be able to have a man bun.

This is why the man bun is almost like a trophy in a sense with hair growth because many people fail making it to this point.

So if you can successfully get your hair long enough to tie it up into a man bun then major props to you!

Do Girls Like Guys With Man Buns

Gotta give a big yes to this question.

I worked with a bunch of chicks when I was growing my hair out (Hospital) and I would show the girls a picture of a man bun when I was asked how long I was growing it and they would always tell me how they love guys with that hairstyle.

The man bun holds a lot of power in my opinion, especially on the ladies.

For one the man bun is after the pony tail stage and most people associate the pony tail with redneck or just don’t seem to like it for some reason.

The man bun can look very aesthetic all while putting off this ‘I don’t care’ type attitude and chicks dig guys with this type of mind frame.

Well How Do I Grow A Man Bun Already!?

Well that’s the thing you don’t do anything to grow a man bun out of the same way you usually go about growing your hair.

Getting the man bun is simply just waiting till you get your hair long enough to where you can actually put it up in a bun.

I would try not to even think about the man bun hair style for at least a year and a half because it might drive you crazy wanting it and realizing you have zero control over how quick you can get it. I know it did me anyways!

So my advice is just read this article on how to grow your hair longer and just stay patient until time allows you to throw that hair up into a man bun.


Image Credits: BigStock Photo Author KGBoBo

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