Men’s Guide For How To Grow Your Hair Out

This article will be a guide for men on how to grow their hair out aka longer.

Ever been watching a movie and you see a guy with long hair and he just looks like a boss. I mean just one of those looks where you immediately say I want to look like that.

I remember watching the movie Troy when I was a teenager and seeing Brad Pitt as Achilles and thought how cool he looked with his hair and just got to thinking why doesn’t anyone I see outside of the movies ever have cool hair like that?

I was in high school at the time and literally every guy pretty much had the same type of hair cut, the bieber style haircut (shamefully I admit I’m included in the group).

Luckily this hair style has started to become less popular but still there isn’t much diversity in terms of hairstyles, for men anyways.

Well if you’re reading this article and are a male then you’ve probably decided you’re tired of going about with the same old trend in hair or maybe you just got done watching the movie Troy (good movie right?).

Well either way I’m writing this article to help you to understand how to grow your hair out.

Now believe it or not there is more into growing your hair than just dodging your barber.

  There are some mental things that go into growing your hair out and that’s what this article will be about.

I have already covered a lot of things in this article but there are a few things that I haven’t, which will be mentioned here.

Dealing with the comments

Some of you might not care what people say and that’s great but for the others someone saying something about how you need to cut your hair or how you looked better before can literally have you running to your barber that same day.

This is something that causes a lot of people to throw in the towel because literally almost everyone who goes about growing out their hair is going to be less attractive than when they began.

Wait what? Yes, I said it.

When you start to grow your hair out there is a time frame where you can not get your hair to look good no matter what you do and this stage is what literally causes people to quit because they know they aren’t looking the best that they can.

This stage is where all the comments start coming in about how unkempt you look and you use to look so much better and blah blah type comments come rolling out of the mouth of every girl you’ve ever found attractive.

It can literally be worse than a 200lb guy punching you in the stomach. Trust me if you can’t handle this stage then you’re not alone.

This stage has been given the name the awkward stage by the hair growth community.

How do you beat the awkward stage?

The only way to really beat the awkward stage is basically to just go into it with a I don’t give a crap type of attitude and just know it will eventually end.

The easiest way to really get through it is find yourself a good looking hat/headband and make good friends with it through this stage.

You can try to use hair gel to help but I always ended up looking like a slicked haired mafia boss wannabe every time I tried hair gel so I just stuck with the hat.

How long does the awkward stage last?

This differs from person to person but for most people it usually starts around the 6 month mark and can last anywhere from the 14-18 month mark.

Now I know what you’re thinking the awkward stage lasts a year or longer!?

Unfortunately yes, for most people it does. If you do happen to be one of the few people who can find a hair style that looks decent during this time then consider yourself lucky.

I hope this article doesn’t deter anyone from going for their goal of long hair. I just want you to be prepared mentally more than anything.

Just stay strong and know that the awkward stage does end even though it may feel like it won’t when you’re stuck in it.

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