Johnny Depp With Long Hair

Johnny Depp has been through many different looks in his career but he is one of those few people who can pull off these unique looks.

Even though he has had short hair here and there through out his career he seems to lean more towards having long hair as his overall look.

Overall long hair definitely is his best look.

A you-tuber has put together a pretty comprehensive list of photos with Johnny Depp having long hair which you can check out below.

Some of his more recent photos with long hair.

Johnny Depp is one of those guys who doesn’t guy through the awkward stage. Be it because his face shape/type just works with whatever hairstyle he tries. Possibly by using professional hairstylists?

Overall long hair suits Depp very well because not only does he pull it off looks wise butt it suits his mentality of the “mysterious, I don’t care” type of personality he has.

I’ll try to keep adding pictures to this article as I come across them but finding non copyrighted pics from his younger years can be a bit difficult.

Thanks for checking out the article if you have any question or comments just drop them below.


Image Credits: BigStock Photo Author s_bukley, BigStock Photo Author DFree, BigStock Photo Author kathclick

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