Leave In Conditioner For Men

Something that a lot of males aren’t aware of is there are different types of conditioner than the typical one that you wash with in the shower like normal where you simple add it and rinse it away.

There is something called a leave in conditioner where it’s used after you get out of the shower and you leave it in there.

The best way to look at leave in conditioners is think of it like a styling product in the way you use it, like hair gel or other products you use to style your hair.

Now even though the leave in conditioner isn’t used for styling technically you apply it very similar to how you would these types of products rather than the traditional sense of conditioners to where everything gets washed out.

I think the name confuses more people than anything, I know it did me for a bit.

Why use leave in conditioner?

If leave in conditioners aren’t for styling then what are they used for you ask?

Note that when I say styling here I mean putting your hair up in a certain way like hair gel would do.

There are a few things mainly and that is to help detangle your hair, help control frizzy hair and keep your hair smooth.

I was having major issues with my hair when I started growing it out after I would wash it like I normally would when I had short hair.

After the normal shampoo/conditioner type washing my hair would be clean but would be very poofy to where I would either have to throw on a hat/headband or try to use some sort of holding product to push it down which was a major hassle to get it to look decent.

This is where I started using the leave in conditioner to help control the frizzy hair I had going on and help me manage it better.

So yes in a sense you could say it’s for styling but I feel like that really puts it in a category with the gels and sprays which I feel it isn’t.

I think of a leave in conditioner as more of a repairing/moisturizing type of product.

How to use leave in conditioner

Like I mentioned you do not use this like regular conditioner so I wanted to go over how to actual use it.

After you get out of the shower towel dry your hair to where its just damp not soaked and then just put some in your hand and run your hand through your hair enough times to where its good and spread out.

After that you can style your hair like normal after getting out of the shower.

The leave in conditioner will stay in until the next time you wash your hair.

Don’t turn around and wash your hair after putting in the leave in conditioner, this completely washes it out and defeats the entire purpose.

Who should use leave in conditioner?

Well anyone could really, however folks with frizzy or tangled hair after getting out of the shower will most likely benefit from it the most.

Also if you’re having issues with your hair not staying down when it’s not long enough yet to weigh itself down then leave in conditioner can also help out here as well by adding a little weight.

Other than that I hope this article helped clear up any confusion between leave in conditioner vs regular conditioner or maybe just introduced that there is something out there that differs from the regular type.

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