Is Long Hair On Men Feminine Or Manly?

In today’s world we have a certain look that we get pushed towards whether you know it or not and that look is mainly generated from our genders.

By that I mean we have unspoken rules trends per say that are just there. I’m not sure when they started or who started them but we have them, at least in the United States anyways (where i live).

If you’re not following me here is an example of what I’m getting at. For the most part wearing clothing tight or not very loose is the norm for most women and men tend to wear their clothes the exact opposite, not necessarily baggy but not tight.

This is just something that is just subconscious to us that we don’t even give much thought on until we see someone that goes against this normality like seeing a guy wear skinny jeans or a chick wearing baggy clothes.

Well what about hairstyles?

I guess you could see where I was going with this.

When you look at movies and old school pictures you always see the men having longer hair and probably have thought to yourself, man they look bad ass.

Think of Brad Pitt playing Achilles in the movie troy or Chris Hemsworth playing Thor.

But then you step out into society and you hardly ever see guys with long hair.

So why is that?

In the same type of reference with genders we tend to see men with short hair and women with longer, Why? Not sure if this just because most men look better with short hair and vice versa for women or society has drilled into us that this is how we are suppose to look.

So the thing I’m thinking of do people look at guys with long hair similar to how they look at guys with skinny jeans and think that is very feminine of them?

My answer is no, longer hair on men actually can make you look more masculine but can also do the opposite any make you look more feminine.

Wait what do you mean?

Well the hair is just a one piece of the puzzle when it comes to the overall projection of how you look.

So if you already have a guy with zero facial hair, has never lifted a weight in his life and has a weak jawline then the long hair just amplifies the feminine type of traits that are already defined in that person.

I realize weight lifting isn’t a trait but I’m throwing it in there anyways.

Now take a guy that has a decent amount of muscle and a more masculine type of face. This would do the exact opposite and give him more of a manly type of warrior type look that you would think of from like the viking days.

The only thing thing that the hair controls for it looking feminine/manly is if it’s to completely straight (not curly at all). 100% straight hair looks feminine. Everything else is determined by other features of the person.

This is why the hair is just a small piece of the overall puzzle.

What If I don’t have the features to have a manly look with long hair?

I don’t want to discourage any future long hair bros from growing their hair out, I’m just throwing these facts out.

The good news is that the main thing I would say that the effects how you look with long hair is your stature (has muscle vs doesn’t). This is something that you can control.

The next thing is the straight hair. Most guys hair starts to get a little curl to it once it gets longer. If you just happen to be one of the few that has zero wave/curl to your hair then you can always grab some hair product to help with that. Note that just a little wavy is fine so it shouldn’t be to hard to achieve.

The other things like facial hair/jawline is something that you can not control so there is no point even stressing out over it. Focus on the things that you can control and see judge for yourself if long hair works for you or not.

Overall I think long hair is more manly but of course long hair isn’t going to work for everyone unfortunately. Also having long hair is a big F U to society in my opinion and I think having that I don’t care what you think mentality is a strong manly feature.

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  1. Jeny

    I’m a female and reach the conclusion that long hair is masculine, in general on the great majority of species on human too, male are stunning they are bigger and stronger. I’m a feminist but I’m not blind, males growth more hair and faster than female, I don’t know who made the concepts of long hair mean feminism, maybe made by older males on charge felt tread by younger males, bcuz let’s face it, males are way tooo much competitive. I was thinking on the concept on female wearing high heals make up and all that crap is more to compete with males wich I think is pathetic we can’t compete with males they are beautiful without too much work. Take lions for example aldult males vs females and younger males, see what hair made him look more intense make him not even stunning but also intimidating, make his face even more define. So I was comparing even brat pit and others males with short and longer hair, they look stuning with longer hair they defently stand up. So actually long hair make the face more defined so make them look more masculine and stunning like a lion, I think roles of female and male are not well balance woman’s in competition against male is a impossible to win, I think male should embrace what nature give to them and use it while they have it like a magnificent lion.


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