Best Looking Long Hairstyles For Men

In this article I’m going to give you my list of what I believe is the best looking hairstyles for men with long hair.

It was very tough for me to make this list because each time I tried to end it then I would remember another hairstyle that just had to make it onto this list and that kept going on and on but eventually I had to just cut off adding anymore onto it (no pun intended).

One of the main reasons I’m doing this list is to help newcomers that are growing their hair out have a reference to go by to see which kind of hairstyle they can hope to go for or just maybe inspire some to even grow longer hair that wasn’t actually planning on it.

These are in no particular order so don’t read into how I lay them out.

Long Hair Side Part

long hair side part hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for those who don’t have a centered hair line to where the hair line is drifted more to a certain side of the head, (usually associated with cow licks).

Very simple hairstyle to do once you have the required hair length.

*Note that the non-centered hairline isn’t a requirement for this hairstyle but is just easier if you have it.

The Surfer Hairstyle

surfer hairstyle

This hairstyle has been popular around places like California and other areas where you see surfing spots for awhile now but it’s slowly growing in popularity just about everywhere it seems.

Hairstyle that is at least below the ears in length but most commonly shoulder length and tucked behind the ears.

The Man Bun

man bun hairstyle

My all time favorite hairstyle for the ease of putting it up and chicks dig it!

Only downside is that it takes a very long time to be able to get your hair long enough to be able to put your hair up in a man bun but it’s almost like a trophy in the long hair community once you’re able to do this.

Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle

long hair on top short on sides hairstyle

This one I did not like at first but the more I seen it the more it grew on me.

It’s not as long as the other hairstyles but still longer than your average guys hair.

It focuses on having longer hair up top and buzzed sides.

Note that this hairstyles tends to work better on those with more of a square jaw than other face types.

Curly Hair Mid Part Hairstyle

long curly hairstyleThe amount of curl in your hair allows you access to certain hairstyles that you wouldn’t be able to pull off or at least not as well with straight hair.

If you’re thinking that having curly hair isn’t a hairstyle and that its a hair type then I would have to say yes you are correct. However with the times we live in, we have access to products that we can literally make our hair do almost anything we want it to, including make it more curly.

With that being said that is why I include it as a hairstyle because you can style your hair to be that way.

Short Pony Tail

short pony tail

I was very hesitant to add this one onto the list because I truly dislike the way a pony tail looks on me but that would be unfair because some guys pull of a short pony tail very well.

Notice how I said short pony tail, that is because longer pony tails do not seem to work for anyone in my opinion. Once pony tails hit a certain length they start to look very feminine and usually at this stage is where you can tie the hair up into a awesome looking man bun which looks so much better.

Bucky Barnes Hairstyle

Just a heads up before you watch the video possible SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Which I’m assuming most people have at this point but just a common courtesy.

I could call this hairstyle something else but Sebastian Stan pulls off this hairstyle perfectly in the movie so I decided to name it after his character..don’t judge me!

This hairstyle is almost exactly like the long hair side part listed above except this one parts right down the middle which is where that hairline comes into play. Just wanted to note this so if any of you were trying to figure out the difference between the two.

I also couldn’t find a good copyright free photo of him in the movie so instead just found a good YouTube video to showcase the hair which does it much more justice.

This has to be my favorite hairstyle and it is pretty simple to maintain and setup. It’s pretty much just running your hand through your hair and letting it lay back, possibly having to add in some leave in conditioner to help keep it weighed down depending on your hair type but other than that this hairstyle is one of the best looking ones in my opinion without having a whole lot of work to manage it so it’s a win-win!

The I’ve Officially Lost It Hairstyle

This is the hairstyle you will rock going into your last day of work to tell your boss or co-workers off. This hairstyle also works well when breaking up with your girlfriend to hopefully help contain her crazy because she thinks you’re literally losing your mind.

This hairstyle also might work for Christmas photos or family photos for the hopes that maybe whomever makes you take these photos will finally give up and realize the photos look better without you in them which is exactly what you were hoping for.

I hope you can see the humor I’m having with this last one and hope you are not taking it seriously, but feel free to try out those ideas if you’d like!

If you don’t see a hairstyle you like or maybe even have not on this list then do not think I’m ragging on it. This is just my list of the hairstyles I like and I’m very picky.

There are tons of great hairstyles I wanted to add onto this list but decided not to because the list would have gone on for awhile so I decided to just put my top tier hairstyles here.

Image Credits: Big Stock Photo Author georgemuresan

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  1. Lucien

    I need to know exactly what I’d ask for if I was asking for the Bucky Barnes one. Like I have no idea what I would ask for and a few idea’s may actually be helpful.


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