How To Grow Long Hair For Men As Fast As Possible

Now I realize to some folks the question of how to grow your hair longer might seem like a dumb question and you’re thinking, all you have to do is not cut it!

I would of thought the exact same thing before I started growing my hair out and me being a guy I definitely didn’t realize how much actually went into maintaining longer hair, while looking properly groomed¬†and how much of a commitment it takes.

Well in this article I’m going to try to cover a lot of the questions that kept driving me crazy when I was growing my hair out.

First off to tackle that part about simply just not cutting your hair and that’s all you need to know type of thinking to grow your hair out isn’t the best way to go about it or at least not from my experience.

long hair side part hairstyle

Straight outta bed ready for work

Allow me to explain, first off if you just let it start growing and say to hell with it then at some point your hair is just going to look unkempt and if you’re already growing out your hair then you might notice that this is already starting to not sit well with your employer (speaking as a guy here).

Well one of the best things to help with this is to keep it looking neat and that will help minimize those looks of concern from Mr or Mrs. Boss person.

On the point of getting your hair cut cut to help with growth (I know that sounds weird but bare with me).

You will hear different opinions on this but my thought is don’t get any length cut off unless you have a lot of split ends.

Because after much research I’ve decided that it really doesn’t do much in terms of speeding it up.

If you get just get a little bit cut off, like 1/4 inch then that’s a whole months worth of growth and you’ll want to get out of the awkward stage as fast as possible!

Washing your hair

This is something that I did and many people do when growing their hair out and that’s overthinking little things like washing our hair in a certain way or a certain number of times.

The thought process of that is to make sure our hair has enough nutrients to grow as fast as possible.

This is something I recommend just focusing your thoughts elsewhere on and just wash your hair as you’ve always done because it really isn’t going to produce any noticeable results for growth.

All your going to do is get a higher water bill or drive your siblings/parents crazy from taking up the bathroom all the time and not having much to show from it except very shiny hair.

So overall just go about your normal schedule with washing your hair.


The main supplement that I really know that helps with hair growth is biotin and it’s hair boost isn’t anything major.

When taking biotin you may see a boost of 1/12″ per month which doesn’t sound like a lot but every little bit counts

The biotin results

When I started my hair growth journey I read a lot about there being a connection between hair growth and finger nail growth in terms of the rate of growth.

Well after I started taking biotin I did notice I was having to cut my finger nails more often, I thought this was very interesting after reading about the connection between the two.

So for what it’s worth I have to say that the biotin is doing something.

Just a heads up, I was having very trippy and vivid dreams when taking the biotin.

I was actually pretty stoked to go to bed, kind like I was getting ready to watch a new movie every night or something!

Getting through the awkward stage

Something that a lot of people don’t realize about growing out your hair is that you hit a phase where no matter what you do your hair is just going to look bad.

The phase has been coined the term ‘awkward stage’ which pretty much speaks for itself.

During this stage it is very hard to style your hair to look decent because it has gotten to long for most short hairstyles yet it hasn’t gotten long enough to where your hair can weigh itself down so that it’s not sticking up all over the place and be able to go for the longer hairstyles.

If you’re not at this point you will see what I mean.

The awkward stage usually starts anywhere from around the 6 month mark and can last all the way up until around the year and 1/2 mark for most people.

This is the part that usually breaks people and causes them to quit so keep staying strong if you’re in this stage currently or just be ready if you’re getting your hair growth journey started.

The most important part of growing your hair

Growing your hair is actually very frustrating because it goes soooo slow and the fact that you don’t have any actual control over how fast it grows is something that drives me crazy.

So literally having a patient mindset is a must when going through your hair growth journey.

Try not to pay any attention to the how far it has grown to often, (I know easier said than done).

You might find yourself checking the mirror very often after awhile because in the middle stages it can get hard to tell if it’s actually growing but try not to worry to much, your hair is still progressing along.

Something to help you when you hit times where you’re ready to throw in the towel is by being in a community of people growing their hair out as well.

It can help keeping you going by seeing their results and just knowing that you’re not the only that growing out hair is a struggle for.

I hope this helped some of you.

If you were expecting some magic supplement that would help you grow a inch of hair per week in this article then I’m sorry to disappoint.

So as you can see there is a lot that goes into the process of how to grow long hair for men and I hope this covered at least the heart of the question.

Other than that just keep going strong and you’ll eventually get there!

Also just to anyone thinking that long hair is for females only, I have to disagree with ya!


Image Credits: Big Stock Photo Author PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek

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