The Best Mens Hair Brush

Something I never really thought about until I started putting more thought into my hair is that maybe some hair brushes are better than others.

I would usually just go to the store find one of the cheapest and then use it until I lost it or it broke.

Well after my hair started getting longer I started looking into different types of ways to wash my hair and eventually that led to different ways to style my hair which is where a good hairbrush was needed because I was spending more time on my hair and the $2 dollar hair comb that I was using wasn’t cutting it.

After starting my research I kept coming upĀ with this hair brush so I got to looking deeper into it.

Finally after reading all these reviews I had to pull the trigger and try it out.

Well the result was exactly how I expected it after reading the reviews, amazing!

Kent – Gentleman’s Hairbrush Model No. MG3

Outside of the actual hair part of the brush the handle has a great feel to it with a solid weight right between the not to light but heavy enough to get a good premium feel to it.

Of course this doesn’t really effect how it goes through your hair but it’s something that I’ve started to take more notice to so I wanted to add that into the review.

I don’t know if all boar bristle hair brushes feel as good as this one because this is the only one I’ve used.

I can’t speak highly enough about this brush, I want to kick myself for using such crap combs and brushes for so long.

Something I really like about brushes is that if you get a quality brush then it could last you a lifetime.

So if you’ve started to take your hair care more seriously then I would highly suggest picking up a higher quality brush rather than use crap ones that I did for so long for the fact of me being stubborn and a little bit cheap.

If there are any questions that you might have about this that I did not cover then just ask away, I’ll try to answer any questions I can.

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