RUSK (W8less) Weightless Professional Hair Dryer Review

In this post I’ll be covering my review on the weightless or w8less professional hair dryer from RUSK Engineering.

This hair dryer has gained a lot of popularity for not only being a light weight hair dryer but by having it produce strong blow drying results in its light weight form.

This is something you don’t see often as most hair dryers will not be able to have both light weight and strong power in one machine, which is a strong reason for this hair dryers high popularity.

Let’s get into some specific details on this hairdryer.

RUSK Weightless Professional 2000 Watt Hair Dryer

Main Features

  • Very Light Weight (1.8lb)
  • 2000 Watt
  • Ceramic & Tourmaline Technology
  • 7 Heat & Speed Settings


What I like about this hair dryer

I hate the fact you have basically an ultimatum where you either pick size or power when it comes to hair dryers. This hair dryer destroys that ultimatum.

Being able to dry my hair without giving my wrist a workout is something I really like.

Also my daughter is getting to the point where she likes to do things by herself to show how big she has gotten, well this hair dryer allows her to show off how she can “dry her own hair” since it doesn’t weigh anything.

Getting away from the weight, this hair dryer leaves my hair looking really good. Which is props to the ceramic and tourmaline technology that is used in the hair dryer.

Usually you only see a couple of different setting options for speed and heat but the w8less took this part to the next level.

I’ll have to double check but this may be the most settings Ive had on a blow dryer.

Who is this hair dryer for

This hair dryer can be used for pretty much anyone but the people that may see the most benefit from it being so lightweight is salon workers who dry hair all day, people with wrist/arthritis issues or people with really thick long hair that that spend more time than your average person when drying their hair.

Other than that though I’m a guy who loves this hair dryer so I don’t like putting it in a “who should use this box” because this is a very good blow dryer that anyone would be happy with it.

Where I could see it improve

In terms of the main things that this dryer has like the motor, size, design and overall drying ability there isn’t anything I know I would change but there are little things I could see being added.

I wish there was a different variety of colors to choose from, just don’t prefer a white hair dryer.

If they added a hook loop on the back would be a good bonus as well as an easy cleaning filter would be great for those who tend to get a lot of hair in their dryers.

Other than that though there are no major things that I can think of to change about it.

Final Thoughts

Out of all of the hair dryers I’ve used this one is easily the best lightweight hair dryer but it also ranks very high on just hair dryers alone be it regulars weight or light.

So if you’re thinking of buying this hair dryer I can definitely give you my nod of approval on it!

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