Smooth Viking Beard Care Review

In this article I’ll be giving my review on beard care from Smooth Viking.

Now you might be wondering why I am reviewing this product as I don’t ever talk about beards. This review isn’t so much about what it does for beards as it’s more focused on what it does for our overall hair growth.

I’ll be laying out the Pros & Cons just like my other reviews.

Also one thing you will see me mention in this review is biotin, so if you’re unsure of what it is or what it does then head over here to get some more info.

Now on with the good stuff.

The Pros

  • Great list of ingredients.
  • No hidden “proprietary formulas”
  • Well dosed ingredients
  • Decently priced
  • Great looking packaging

To touch on the points above.

This ingredient list for this product was well thought out. There isn’t just some random filler products thrown into it that some companies do to make customer think, “Hey look product has random product in it” that actually doesn’t do squat for what it’s supposed to do but it beefs up the label to look more lengthy like it does more.

All of these items from my knowledge have some sort of connection with hair.

I do like how they list everything in the product as well as how much of each ingredient you can find. This is good because some products have a proprietary blend where you really have zero idea of how much of the product you’re actually getting, you just know its apart of the proprietary blend.

This is where a lot of companies under dose the product but still make you think you are getting plenty of it.

For example Smooth Vikings Bear Care has 5,000mcg of biotin in each serving which I think is the perfect amount but a company using a proprietary blend might only have 10mcg of it in the product which really won’t do jack squat. So props to Smooth Viking on actually dosing the product correctly.

The price is fair considering all that comes in it and I could even see me starting to replace my daily vitamin since its packed full of a lot of the same stuff (not all but some).

Now this isn’t anything major but I really like the packaging of this product. I feel like the packaging says a lot about how much owners spend on the product, including the time researching the items that are going into it.

This may not be the case but this is my opinion.

The Cons

  • May not find it in local stores

As of now I haven’t seen this product in retail stores but that’s no biggie if you do most of your product shopping on Amazon like I do.

Overall I have zero problems giving Beard Care by Smooth Viking a thumbs up because I feel they put in a lot of time/research to go into this product and I have heard zero negatives about it.

Thanks for reading hope this helped you if you were on the fence about buying this product.

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