Does Biotin Supplements Really Help Your Hair Grow Faster Than Normal

In this article I want to talk about whether or not biotin supplements really help with speeding up how fast your hair is growing.

If you’ve have started on the long and I mean long journey of growing out your hair then at some point you will start to look for ways to speed up that process.

A supplement that many recommend for hair growth is called biotin but does it work? Well keep reading to see my details on it.

Since you’re reading this article then I’m assuming that you’ve hit that stage and are now hoping this thing called biotin that you heard of may help you speed up your hair growth process.

In this article I’m gonna help you learn whether biotin will actually do anything to help you with your hair.

What Is Biotin?

Biotin is actually a vitamin which can also be know as Vitamin B7, however most people will just call it biotin.

Biotin is naturally found in food (in small amounts) and through bacteria in the body.

Now for more info on the scientific details then head over to this site, that post does a great job of explaining some stuff I won’t touch on here.

Does Biotin help with hair growth?

Now into the main part of why you are reading this article.

Biotin is said it may help with finger nail and hair growth but there are many different opinions on whether it actually does anything for the growth rate.

So here is my opinion whether it works or not.

Straight forward answer is yes I believe it does help speed up the growth rate.

A little more detailed answer for you.

I started taking biotin around the 8 month mark of my hair growth journey so it was at a stage where it was very hard to visually tell a difference in the rate of hair growth.

I had hit a point where I could of swore my hair had stopped growing, which is why I looked into biotin in the first place.

So after taking biotin for a few weeks I did notice that my hair was growing ‘again’.

Looking back now I do realize that hair doesn’t just stop growing like I thought it had, I just couldn’t actually notice the growth so I started taking biotin in a panic to restart my hair growth (what I thought at the time).

So did biotin work or not?

Well as I mentioned it says that biotin can help with finger nail growth and hair growth.

I did notice I was having to cut my finger nails much more than I usually had to so this is when I really noticed the biotin actually doing something.

In terms of the hair growth it’s still very hard to determine but I do believe it helps slightly.

So overall yes I do believe it works but you’re not going to notice anything major in terms of the rate.

Biotin dosage and Biotin Side effects

You can usually find biotin and two different dosages which is at 5,000 mcg and 10,000 mcg.

From what I’ve read is that 10,000 is unnecessary and that 5,000 will provide the same amount of growth boost.

I like to think of it like protein for muscles once you have enough then it will do what it’s suppose to and just throwing more at the body really won’t do anything.

Here is list of some of the side effects now this is just like one of those side effect warnings where they list any and all that people have mentioned so I’m not sure what the actual percentage chance of people experiencing these side effects are.

The only side effect that I noticed when taking biotin was I had very weird dreams and they were very vivid.

I’m talking dreams that you spend the entire next day at work just thinking why the heck would my brain think of stuff like that type dreams.

I did notice some slight acne as well.

Other than that I did not notice any other side effects but of course this differs from person to person.

So would I recommend Biotin for hair growth?

Overall I think the effect of the biotin on hair growth speed is minimal but considering how cheap biotin is then I don’t really see a downside.

So even if it helps just a little bit then my opinion would be to go for it. Just follow the precautions and all that good stuff and try to record for yourself to see how much the biotin works for you.


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