The Awkward Stage When Growing Your Hair Out

Something everyone should know about when starting to grow their hair out is that you are going to hit a stage where you will most likely not be able to style your hair to make it look good.

Now just reading that doesn’t really seem like a huge deal and you’re probably thinking ‘Eh how bad could it be’.

TIP: Use a supplement to get your hair growing as fast as possible!

Find a product like this one to boost your hair to grow as quickly as it can which will help with you being in the awkward hair stage as little possible! Trust me once you hit the awkward stage you will be looking for any way possible to make it through as quickly as you can.

This stage has been come to known as the awkward stage which speaks for itself but here is an analogy for you to go by.

The awkward stage is like the bulking stage in bodybuilding. You bulk up all this weight in which you lose your abs and cuts in your muscles to where you don’t look as good.

However after finishing your bulk and start to cut back down towards the summer then you will not only have your abs/be cut again but you will also be a little bit bigger (muscle wise), so overall look better than when you started.

This is only possible by going through that bulking stage where you don’t look as good for awhile, same as the awkward stage with hair growth.

When does the awkward stage begin

Starting with a buzz cut you will start the awkward stage sometime around the 6-7 month mark.

The hardest part about the awkward stage is that it usually lasts for the better half of a year to where you should be able to really start to look decent with long hair.

How do you deal with the awkward hair stage

Well the easiest way would be throw on a hat or something to cover your head (no not a bag) and just not give a crap for the next year.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, we are where we can’t wear a hat during work/school.

This leaves us with using some sort of product to help style the hair. Now with a most guy hair products are meant to help style the shorter hairstyles.

One thing that I like to use is something called leave in conditioner. Here is a article that I wrote on it and how to use it.

It’s suppose to be more for a hair repair/frizz control type of product but it does a great job of giving the hair just enough weight to where it doesn’t stick out everywhere.

So if wearing a hat isn’t a option then using this is a solid plan B.

Also note that some hair type accessories might work if you prefer staying away from hair products.

How to deal with the comments?

Something that is going to happen is people are going to make snide little comments, which could be something as little as “You use to look so good with short hair” and that can literally eat you alive if you let it.

Just know VERY FEW people look good during the awkward stage and if you can just keep going you will look so much better than you currently do.

Just keep telling yourself this over and over again or even check some before and after pictures to actually see it to keep reassuring yourself.

Having a positive mindset through the awkward stage is the most important thing. If you keep thinking man I use to look so much better then you will probably break and get it cut.

If you keep the final result in your head of how much better your hair will look after it has grown out then you just might make it.

Also an additional thing you can do do hasten up the hair growth process is take something like biotin or a hair growth product to help keep your hair growing as fast as possible.

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  1. maze_ton

    Finally, a website that puts me at ease. I’m very nervous about the awkward stage but, I’m dedicated to pushing through it ? I have thick wavy/curly hair, the top is currently 4 inches and the sides/back are about 1 inch and a half. I’m very excited.

    1. General

      The awkward phase can definitely test your will power. It sounds like you’ve got a ways to go but keep going strong!


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