Toni & Guy Prep Leave in Conditioner Review

Hello ladies & gents! In this article I bring you my thoughts on the leave in conditioner from Toni & Guy.

If you are not sure what a leave in conditioner is then head over here to get some info on it.

Other than that lets head on into the good stuff.

Like all of my other product reviews I will be laying out the Pros and Cons of the product.

The Pros

  • Is a bit heavy which is great to hold down frizzy hair
  • Doesn’t leave a greasy look
  • The price
  • Need very little of it to get its full effect.
  • Lasts all day for me

After I wash my hair it usually is stripped of its natural oils (like most peoples) which is what holds down my hair. Using this leave in conditioner helps hold down my hair without causing it to get that slick back look.

I also have cowlicks so it being strong enough to contain them was actually a pleasant surprise.

It only takes a small amount to get the full effect of this product which is great for the fact that I get more uses out of it. I’ve ran into some hair products which I feel I had to use three times the recommended amount to see any effect. This caused me to run through the product insanely quick which would not be very money smart.

Even though I didn’t find very many cons I did still find a couple of things.

The Cons

  • Smell was meh
  • You may not like the heavy feel

The smell was something I had a hard time figuring out if I liked or not. It wasn’t something I looked forward to smelling but I also didn’t hate it.

My hair needs the heaviness that this conditioner provides for some of you with different hair types may not like it which is something I’ve heard from a buddy of mine who gave this leave in conditioner a try and he said “it was to strong for him”.

So overall I give this product a

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