How To Train Your Hair To Go Back

Trying to train your hair to go back is not an easy task and can take months before it finally decides to listen to you, but where do you even begin?

Training your hair may not be an easy task in terms of how long it takes but it is easy in terms of how you do it.

Training your hair is simply the process of strong arming your hair, forcing it to do what you want. You do this by either wearing something on your head, applying some sort of hair product into your hair or a combo of both.

The thing most people don’t realize is that you have to keep the hair constantly forced in the direction you’re are training it to go, if you stop forcing it before it has gotten trained then you will just keep restarting every time.

The process of training your hair

As I mentioned we will be wearing something on our head and some hair product. If you’re able to wear a hat or a headband all day then this makes the process much simpler, unfortunately for a lot of us our jobs won’t allow that which is where the hair product comes into play.

So if you’re one of the fortunate ones that are able to keep a headband or a hat on all the time then you simply get your hair going in the direction that you’re wanting it to start growing in and put your head wear on to keep it going that way.

Where most people go wrong


Another thing most people don’t do is that they only do this during the day time, but what about the eight hours or more when you are asleep?

Keeping some head wear on when you’re asleep may not make or break the training of your hair but it can definitely help from delaying it getting done longer.

So if having some sort of head wear on when you’re asleep doesn’t bother you then I would keep it on while you sleep until you start to notice your hair is getting trained.

Now the hair product comes into play for those who can’t wear hats and headbands all of the time.

When you’re at your place of business or school which doesn’t allow head wear then this is where you will use a hair care product to hold your hair in that direction.

Once you get off work or head to bed then then you can just throw a headband on after that.

So as you see there isn’t a step by step guideline here, the main take away is just keep your hair forced in the direction you want it to start growing.

The one thing I would suggest, especially for those that aren’t able to wear head wear all day is that don’t worry about training your hair for as long as possible.

I say this because when you’re growing your hair out and you’re going through the awkward stage then you’re going to have a very hard time finding a hairstyle that doesn’t look completely dumb so I would focus on just wearing your hair in a way that works for you.

In conclusion training your hair is truly very simple, keep it forced the way you want it to go and wait. It can take between 2-4 months before your hair is truly trained. Things can effect this time frame depending on your hair type and stuff like cowlicks.

Other than that there isn’t much more to it, so best of luck with it and stay patient!

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