Washing Your Hair With Water Only

If you’ve heard about the no poo method then you are probably starting to look into new ways to wash your hair without shampoo and seeing if washing your hair with only water will suffice to have clean hair.

I’m writing this article to help clear up and questions that you (the readers) may have before starting water only hair washing and help you understand what to look for after beginning it.

Will water be enough to clean my hair?

Unfortunately in my opinion water can only clean the hair so much. So the answer to this question is no.

When you first start going from using shampoo to making the swap over to using water only then your hair is going to be very oily to begin with.

This is just because your hair has been stripped of all its oil from using shampoo for so long that it takes the hair a minute to get used to the change.

The first month of washing your hair with only water will be the part where your hair is the oiliest.

Some point around the 1-2 month mark your hair realizes it doesn’t need to keep producing so much oil sense the oil you already have isn’t getting stripped away so the amount of oil being produced defiantly lessens.

With that being said from beyond that point the amount of oil in your hair will still be to much in my opinion or at least it was for me. It still had that you ‘you need to wash your hair’ look to it.

Other than the greasy hair I started to notice some heavy dandruff, something I’ve never had an issue with.

Unfortunately the dandruff wasn’t something that got better over time like the oily hair did.

If water only doesn’t work then what do I suggest?

Don’t abandon hope and run back to your shampoo bottle just yet, you can still start washing your hair a different way through using a cleansing conditioner or as some call it a co-wash conditioner.

I talked about using a co-wash conditioner in this article so I won’t talk more about it here so you can head over there and check it out if that is something you’re interested in learning about.

If this was disappointing to learn that using water only didn’t work for me then don’t let it discourage you from at least trying, you maybe have better results than I did.

Having a different hair type may work better for some than others with the water only technique.

I would be very interested to hear what type of results you have, so just leave a comment if this is something that you try out.


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