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Long Hair For Men has now started accepting guest post articles.

If you would like to write for us about hair, shaving, beards, hair care or general men’s grooming topics that would fit the overall theme of our site then we would like to see what you have to offer our readers.

First off we do not accept any gambling, illegal or just crap related topics & also will not link back to a website that is completely unrelated to our theme here, this doesn’t mean it has to be 100% about hair but don’t try to write a hair related article and try to get a link back to your engine repair blog (doesn’t make sense!).

We do NOT sell article placements or links, however you will be allowed one do follow link in your author bio to go back to your website/blog.

No crappy grammar articles (aka broken English) or spun content. Also no plagiarized content or any content that has been posted or scheduled to be posted elsewhere.

Articles must be 1000 words or more in length and make sure you structure the article. Don’t just send over 1 huge wall of text.

When you send over the article it must be in .docx format which is the standard Microsoft Word format for saving the article. This is a must so please don’t send any other type of formatted article over.

If you accept all of these conditions then feel free to send over your article ideas or the article itself if you already have it written to: longhairformen[at]hotmail[dot]com

Of course replace the bracketed items for @ and .com

Please include your author bio along with the article.

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